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BittarWoolsco. was established in 1984 and has been awarded the certificate of trade professionalism on 3/11/1991 Syria is the headquarters of the company with a branch in Turkey and branches in other countries .

Since its establishment, BittarWoolsco. has been a local company specialized in the field of wool sorting , Scouring and manufacturing to become one of the largest companies in the field of manufacturing and exporting raw wool materials of all types . Today BittarWoolsco. occupies a prominent position in this field and in various international markets .

BittarWoolsco. exports all types of raw wool to all countries of the world We have various types of wool, greasy wool, half washed wool, washed wool, tannery wool, scoured , sheep wool clipped wool ….etc. With all colors: white, creamy, white yellow , yellow, grey, Fawn color , brown, black ... etc Including the following microns : 18-20 micron , 20-22 micron , 34 - 36 micron for carpet grade .

Our company also uses the best machines and equipment in the field of washing wool, where the company has a special automatic washing-machine and special machines and combing , carding and pressing the wool to get the best quality for our buyers to be ready and prepared for exporting to all countries of the world . BittarWoolsco. through our branches in a number of countries that can supply our buyers with all types of Saudi wool, Iraqi wool, Jordanian wool, Libyan wool, Algerian wool and merino Australian wool . We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers and the honesty of the dealings .

We are interested and always happy to contact us, to inquire about anything you want to ask or any other details you need through the means of communication.